• HR COUNCELING (szervezetfejlesztéssel, munkaügyi kérdésekkel kapcsolatos tanácsadás vezetőknek, cégeknek)

“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”  (Konfucius)

Rarely, it is, I meet a person who says they love their job. One of the reasons for this could be, that they are working in an environment far from their personal interests, or in an unsuitable atmosphere. The goal has to be clear and we have to be familiar with our personality in order to be able to know what role we have to fill to have a chance in finding and creating the workplace we do our job at passionatly. The base for change, than is, here too, self-consciousness. I have a solid belief in the possibility of finding a carreer one loves from all thwir heart. All it takes is time, determination and persistency. I meet a great deal of people who find themselves again by switching jobs/lines of business, starting something new, something different. I am certain, that we have to keep searching until the right profession is found. From parting from a job you don’t like to be able to fight and look until we have found the right one,  to forming your thinking in a way, that it helps you be satisfied until a better possibility comes along, I am happy to be of assistance.

Background: Pararelly to being a coach, I used to be the deputy of the CEO of an HR Consulting Agency. For me, merging these two areas of work (HR consultancy and coaching) is an ideal combination, which includes my economist, psychologist and coach – self.  I can utilise all my characteristics, halpf of a businesswoman and a psychologist. I worked long and hard to achieve this and am grateful to everyone who helped me achieve this.