• Executive coaching 
  • Job coaching / HR consulting
  • Self-awareness 
  • Relationship counseling

These are the four areas, I mainly deal with. I have worked with hundreds of clients in the past eight years. Job-seekers, company owners and leaders of very different levels.
A good coach is, who helps you get from point A to B – using the shortest, most beautiful or most suitable route to the passenger, wich is determined in concert. Some are helped by gentle motivation, some are helped only by realising the stake of agonizingly standing still. A good coach – given the required experience – can decide, who they are dealing with and how much the client can „withstand”. The goal can be self-growth, finding a new carreer to pursue, resolving a workplace-conflict, developing leadership skills or advancing one’s emotional intelligence – since the basic principle of coaching is, that the solution is already in the person, the covered topics are only limited by the coach’s knowledge, experise and autognosis. The areas I personally take gladly are the ones I am familiar with and am in possession of the adequate overview. If I come across a topic, where I feel as there is need for an experienced psychotherapist or psychiatrist, I can be of assistance in finding the right person.
Apart from my training, my experience as an HR-consultant and social – as well as private sphere understanding can be of use when it comes to business-coaching. In more serious „life”-topics I am helped by the fact that I was 8 years old, when my mother got sick and 14, when paralyzed. We talked continuously through my child- and adulthood, I learned a great deal about deepness, pain, tenacity and the importance of family and solidarity. I have two small children, they are the reason I studied the Gordon-principle (based on rewards instead of punishments), which effects my everyday life in a positive, useful way.


You can imagine the mood, as if you were chatting with a very good friend. The difference is, that in this case, I help you get closer to your goals utilising professional questions, games and tests – of course, I keep the conversation between certain limits for us not to wander off too much and to be able to directly strive towards our goal. These sessions – in contrast to a comfortable chat between friends, which ultimately revolves around both of you – are solely about you, with your motivation to come being the number one priority. – This being important because focusing on the solution drastically improves the progress.

How many sessions will be needed?
The number of sessions varies a lot. People, who turned to me usually required 1 to 15 visits. If the topic is very specific and you are looking for help to solve a certain case or make a decision, sometimes one meeting is sufficient.

How long is a session?
The first meeting usually lasts about 90 to 120 minutes, the duration of the remaining sessions is determined together and ranges from 60 to 120 minutes. The timeframe I suppose for a visit (we will decide together which duration it should be) is mainly determined by your personality and the frequency of the sessions. If you would like to talk about a topic in more detail or can’t meet me frequently, an hour and a half might be needed, in other cases, an hour will be plenty.