Whether it’s a relationship or a friendship, we can do a lot for each other.

It is difficult to have a deep connection until we are in harmony with ourselves, as long as we want to “sell” an image and we are not looking for a suitable partner for ourselves. Many times that is the problem
in the introductory phase, the one who wants a partner is looking for a partner who fits the projected image, who cannot, nor can he be a real partner, since he fits the projected image, not the one who is looking for a partner. I’m not saying that everyone who has enough self-knowledge will find a partner, but I can see that the path of self-knowledge often inevitably leads to a “unexpected” successful mate choice – a pleasure for me to be a companion to this process many times.nemi egyenlőség

Long-term relationships: I believe in the power of lasting relationships, in finding new and new values ​​in the other (and in ourselves) to the dead. Many relationships are ruined simply because the couple tells each other or they just don’t know themselves, their own needs, and think the solution to change lies in breaking up. I have accompanied the rebuilding of many relationships, and I also see how a new relationship can be built by mourning the old.