“I knew I had to make some changes in my professional life, but due to my age I was not sure how to move forward. So I turned to Dóri upon a recommendation of a friend. With her calmness, experience and encouraging attitude step by step I had become certain and confident that even above 40 there are possibilities to start new challenges and to find out what exactly my way was. So thanks to her I was brave enough to make the best decision of my professional life and started to study something completely new that opened new opportunities ahead.” 

Gizella Vas

senior specialist policy advisor, EU, Hague

“Security, calmness, humor, empathy. He is a great professional – I can only recommend her to everyone, whether it is individual work or teams, communities would like to develop. ”

Ányos Elek

actor, director, trainer, stuntman, fight choreographer, camp leader

“My self-awareness, self-confidence, and harmony developed thanks to our common work more than in my previous years all together. I basically asked her help in job-related issues, but she also provides tremendous help in other areas of life, be it a relationship, a parent-child relationship, or self-esteem. Honesty, openness and empathy characterize our conversations. Dóri creates a 100% calm and safe atmosphere every time.

Flora Hesz

trade marketing specialist, Dreher

“The Health Visitors of Törökbálint owe a lot to Dora!  We have already had more occasions to participate in teamcoaching with the Lego Serious Play method facilitated by Dora . The atmosphere is always pleasant, calm but full of positive excitement. During the workshops Dora “spreads a veil over us” that keeps you safe while you are in it and will accompany you for a long time afterwards. We got to know ourselves both individually and as a team. We understood unspoken thoughts, and it forged us into a massive, efficient, interdependent, constructive team! Thank you! We can only recommend him and this super method. EVERYONE can only develop through it ”

Hajnalka Farkas

Head of the Health Visitors of Torokbalint

“It was the best time of my life in many years and I can thank you so much for that! Thanks!!! Our joint work has been characterized by a positive atmosphere that supports and cooperates throughout, which has a very inspiring effect. I received constant guidance — in addition to acknowledgments and encouragement, I also received tougher words — I feel these were necessary. If we take into account that this coaching process essentially coincided with the period of the viral situation, so we even had to deal with its difficulties, the success of this joint work will be even more appreciated. This is due to your professionalism, helpfulness and flexibility! “

Nagy Zsolt

logistics manager, Marso Ltd.

“I just wanted to let you know that I got an internship at the company I dreamed of. Thank you a lot for the help, it was, first of all, an incredible start to Budapest to meet a person like you. Thanks a lot!” 

Alexander Bredgaard

architect, concept and design developer, Denmark

My mentor’s recommendation:
Dóra Epresi is a special blend: with her fine-tuned personality and multi-faceted qualifications, she could hardly have found a better profession than leadership coaching and training workplace teams. Individual and group support for personality development is combined in his work with the help of problem-solving tasks. Not only a high level of self-knowledge but also an outstanding empathic skill contributes to your success. I have been accompanying his work as a supervisor for years, so I can witness his professional development make him a professional in more and more fields.”

Dr. Zsuzsa F. Várkonyi