elefántEffective organizational development using play

  • I need to change our business strategy, next steps after coronavirus
  • I’m tired of empty discussions, how can we think effectively together?
  • Instead of overlong meetings, I would like to have effective and constructive discussions. How can I achieve this?
  • I have had enough of conventional solutions. I am looking for creative ones.

We can address and answer these and other similar issues.

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Advantages of the LSP method:

  • generates peer communication
  • it helps to model and thus better understand and clarify a particular situation
  • follows the gamification trend which uses game elements in serious contexts
  • promotes creative thinking
  • generates motivated participation 


This method for modeling different situations has been jointly developed by researchers, consultants and business people. It is effective and playful in helping to model different situations and thus gain a better understanding of all aspects of the situation. Also, through building a 3D model, it helps to see solutions that may not become obvious in a strategy discussion.

The LEGO®bricks and figures used in the process help to create a good atmosphere and at the same time, in many cases results can come much quicker and become astoundingly clear compared to traditional conversation based trainings.  The methodology is made up of many “games”, different combinations can be used for either strategy or team building.  The composition of the workshop is up to the trainer in order to achieve the goals specified by the client.

I work with this method either alone or (depending on the number of participants) together with my colleagues.  We have held workshops for both the management of a 200-person manufacturing company and for 15 financial professionals from a multinational company but I often/regularly use this method for individual coaching sessions too. It works perfectly on its own and as a complement to trainings on various topics.

Some companies that use / have used the method:

LEGO SERIOUS PLAY References - Global Firms

In addition to private and corporate workshops, we often recommend using the method in coaching. You can read more about this here: